Quick Tip for extracting SQL Server data to Hive

Denny Lee

While I have documented various techniques to transfer data from Hadoop to SQL Server / Analysis Services (e.g. How Klout changed the landscape of social media with Hadoop and BI Slides Updated, SQL Server Analysis Services to Hive, etc.), this post calls out the reverse – how to quickly extract SQL Server data to Hadoop / Hive.   This is a common scenario where SQL Server is being used as your transactional store and you want to push data to some other repository for analysis where you are mashing together semi-structured and structured data.

How to minimize impact on SQL Server

Analogous to the above linked documents, you could use a JDBC driver to connect and extract this data from SQL Server (other techniques may involve SQOOP, HiveODBC, etc.).  But if your security policies allow for this, a fast way to extract data from your SQL Server with…

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