Big Data and Legos

Great Analogy!

Denny Lee

I was recently asked the question – how to explain Big Data to an 8yo. So after realizing the 4 Vs of Big Data barely make sense to non-marketing (i.e. most of us) let alone to kids – I realized that the best construct would be to use Legos.


When I was her age, the lego blocks were only squares and rectangles – I could build a lot of buildings and boxes which was great at that time (in data speak, relational databases).

Instead, Big Data is a massive amount (e.g. volume of data) of lego blocks of different shapes and sizes. With all the variety how quickly I can get more lego blocks, I can imagine new and different ways to build new toys or objects (in data speak, perform new novel analytics).

dwp lego nyc 130707

From Closer Look: United States of Lego.

With lego blocks in all shapes and sizes…

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